Story goes like this…

Sometimes fate takes you to where your suppose to be in spite of your own plans.
I was a construction electrician for 35 years, and headed into the golden sunset of retirement thinking the work world was behind me, golfing, fishing, hunting, fun stuff, was just over the horizon waiting for me.  When I got to the top of the hill, there wasn’t a manicured golf course in front of me, all I saw was an un-kept, tumbleweed infested rangeland, no fence, no water but alot of Sun!!!  Perfect place for a garden/farm, just needed Everything!My family bought this land back in the early 70’s as an investment and a place to retire to, but only 1 Aunt actually worked the land and created a green oasis and home for herself.

She lived there for 7 years, until age and her family finally convinced her to move back to San Jose, California, where she lived out her remaining years – But always wished she could go back to here little Camp Verde home.  The home was sold years later but it is still a green oasis here in the desert that I pass by every time I drive out to the farm, a reminder of what “Can Be” – if you put your back into it and sweat off a few lbs!   And so I did!!!  – Golf… can’t hit the ball straight, fishing… never bite when I’m there, hunting… Rambo I’m not, Fun Stuff… like buying a tractor and the tools to plow it under and re-shape the bleak desert into that Green Oasis, yea, now your talking my language …”Tractors”.    – 4 yrs. later, DA’-NEDE’ Farms was at the farmers markets selling produce and loving every minute of it, sweat and all minus about 20lbs.  I became a stewart of the land, this land was in-trusted to me to take care of and nurture back to life.  I became a pesticide and chemical Free Farm, using only the natural and green pesticide’s to combat the ever hungry bugs that thrive on the green carpet of early emerging veggies with only a 5′ fence between them and dinner and they can Fly…the battle is on!!!
Never thought twice of being a farmer or farming but thanks to a high school friend who has been farming here in Camp Verde for the past 15 years, he walked me through it and was always ready to help with advice, farm tools or seed to plant, he was there when the I needed him, one Heck of a farmer and fisherman too!

I’m getting more back than I could of ever imagined in health, vitality, reason to get up and get moving in the morning and most precious than all, HAPPINESS!!! – in myself and who I have become and in what I am giving back to this world.  It’s different to build a office building for people to go to for their jobs and work, or to sweat over a dirt weed lot and produce food for those same people and you know who appreciates it more?  The people buying my produce, they thank me many times over at the veggie stand but nobody thanked me for the office I helped build for them to work in, it was a given but Food is Life and the best Life, is had with the Best Food you can buy!

Now this is real retirement, free and doing what you love everyday!!!

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